Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am procrastinating writing this post...

I have had a pretty rough week. I am both physically and mentally exhausted and tbh I just want to sleep lol but who needs to sleep when you have coffee, right?

So much has happened in the world this week that makes my petty little first world problems seem like nothing. So now my entire blog post complaining about my past week seems irrelevant and i just don't know what to write, which is a theme I am very accustomed to.

I am a writer. It is what i love to do. It is the one thing in my life that i am most passionate about, so why cant i do it? Am i too much of a perfectionist? All i know is that i need to write if i ever want to finish a novel and even think about being published, and by the looks of it we are all having the same problems. So i propose a challenge.

We all write a short story before our posts next week. It can be done in any style, and it can be any length, it just has to be something. And we will all write about the same things, but we are each going to add an element to the story in the comments of this post, whether it be the location, a main characters name, an item that has to be included... everyone just has to add at least one thing :)

If no one is keen on that let me know, its going to be a huge challenge for me because i have a massive week ahead of me, but i think we can do it :)

What do you guys think?

Sending love and prayers to those who are having a rough time in life at the moment, may the sun shine brighter soon :)


  1. I guess I was kinda confused about the short story idea... Technically, I wrote a piece of flash fiction last week, but since no one commented on this post, the whole idea doesn't work, right? :(

    I say we keep this idea up though. Can you clarify what we're supposed to do again? You'll at least have me participating... :)

  2. Dang i wish i got this comment earlier! lol it was basically supposed to see how different everyones stories would be even though we had to use some of the same elements (whatever each other chose)... does that make sense? No one seemed to like the idea though haha

  3. I'll totally do it, if you wanna do it this week! I'll suggest a location...

    A beach. That's a very open setting/location!

  4. A beach? ok awesome, well then i suggest that you have to incorporate a sunset or sunrise somehow.

    And the word fate.

  5. Oooh... A sunset/sunrise and fate? I like it!!!

    To add to the beach setting, how about "something hidden"? Somewhere in the story, something must be hidden or found hidden?

    So, to clarify we're all writing about a beach as well as whatever else we add to it?