Wednesday, May 30, 2012's been a long week.

What do you think would help you most in terms of getting work done and motivate you to actually write?

Like Rachal  and Craig, I too procrastinate with the best of em and I work well under pressure, until the Internet shows it's pretty little face. Once that happens than I am more or less done for, unless the ideas are just falling out of my fingertips and onto the paper. Hence why I'm finishing writing this post at midnight, and my  answer to that is pretty cut and dry, if the Internet wasn't as  full of awesome  as it is then more of my writing projects would get done. Than again I do a hefty portion of my writing online so the sword, and much to my dismay, is double edged.

Some times when I'm really bored and need to get some mindless thoughts out of my head I usually turn to either Tumblr or Twitter to draw inspiration and to "take notes" on life. My Twitter and Tumblr know more about my life than my Facebook does some times. But in some cases I turn to my friend's who sometimes happen to be writer's and ask them what they have done and do to get themselves into a hearty "writing mood", and though I consider some of them to be more seasoned writers than myself I still write whenever I feel the writing bugs bite and when I have no paper I usually turn to Twitter and make a note to myself and look back at it later. I'm not crazy, it just works. 

Just in case you guys haven't realized this yet, I can some times be a bit of a contradiction, but it all makes sense in my head. I swear. 

Until next week I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 


Another day, another blank page...

Ok, I'm not going to lie to you, I have been sitting here staring at this blank blog post page for about 2 hours now. Granted I have been distracted by other things during this time, but I just cant believe how badly I am procrastinating writing about why I procrastinate... this surely has to be just one giant circle.

Hi, my name's Rachel, and I LOVE to procrastinate...

Much like Craig, I find it hard to rid myself of all of life's distractions when I need to work, but that's not the real reason why I love procrastination...

I have been this way all through my schooling career but I feel like I really honed this ability when I made it to university. I don't think I can count how many times I left a report worth 50% of the classes grade until the very night before it was due. I started university doing a plethora of creative writing classes and telling myself I would have finished a book by the time I left... However without a serious deadline, and my inability to ever manage my time at university to a point where I was ever not covering myself with gigantic work loads, I left university with very high blood pressure, honours, and four unfinished novels.

Now, I am not saying this is a bad thing all of the time as I definitely do my best work when I am under pressure - this was how I knew I could only survive as a writer if I became a Journalist - but it would be so much easier for me if I could still do my best work and have it done hours, days, hell even weeks before it was due!

So this is where my problem lies with my creative writing. Whether it be blogs, novels, poems. No deadline = death to writing for me. I need the stress of a due date to get my blood pumping and my fingers typing. I need so much coffee running through my system that the entire world seems to be moving in slow motion. I need the thought of failure to be right there, sitting on my shoulder, yelling in my ear "You're not going to make it" just so I can smugly look at failure right in the face when I finish on time and say "Yes I can".

I think i need a way to find someone outside of myself to give me a deadline, maybe then I will be able to finish a novel... So Shelby, I will hold you accountable if you make me stick to my deadlines haha

I actually procrastinate most things, but the one I hate procrastinating almost as much as writing is reading. I am currently reading Jane Eyre and love it. I'm not getting through it very fast though, I feel like I have to absorb every word in every sentence before I can move on. I was reading this morning and it made me thing, what is everyone reading at the moment?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thoughts from Out-of-State

Good morning!

I'm actually in North Carolina as I write this, which is kind of a big deal to me. I'm from Missouri, and I had never: a, been out of the Midwest; b, flown in a plane (or any other flying device); or c, seen the ocean. Right now, I've got a and b covered, and as of Friday (I'm writing this on Tuesday because I'm not sure I'll have internet access Thursday-Saturday), I will never be able to say any of those things again because all three will have happened. And it's awesome!

At the moment, we're at this little college in a beautiful little town, and I'm loving the atmosphere. It's a math-related week (for the first four days)... Sort of. I'm a math researcher for the summer, which I've already said; as I have also said, I am not a biologist. Today was an eight hour work day, and somewhere between six to six-and-a-half hours were spent discussing biology I do not have the tools to understand with very, very little discussion of math application. Worse than that, the biology professors heading everything up expect the mathematics students to read and give opinions on abstracts that even some of the biology students don't entirely understand. It's a bit frustrating. (I'm all about working and learning, but I am in no way qualified to explain or give any opinion on whether mating e. coli is the best way to pass on certain traits when we're talking about bio-engineering.) So... That's a bit stressful. I am very ready for the math. (Coming from the now-Friday self, we didn't actually do math, but we read a lot about math, which isn't particularly satisfying, but it was definitely more interesting for me.)

But as it is, I'm learning to tune-out all of the biology mumbo jumbo (as my math adviser has said he does on occasion), and I'm enjoying my time. Right now, I should probably out doing something a bit more productive, like reading or studying or doing math or memorizing world capitals... But instead, I'm blogging and sitting on Facebook... I lack motivation.

Aha! See what I did there? (XD) Craig's question this week was about motivating yourself to write, which is something with which every writer struggles at some point in his/her journey. I don't know that I have an answer. Sometimes, I just don't write (which is not the right answer at all). But my advice and usual means of fighting through it is to write anyway, even if you're not feeling it. Even if I'm writing utter crap, in the long run, it is more beneficial to get something down than to produce nothing. Change stories. (If you're like me, you've got a plethora of unfinished manuscripts you can jump into when you're stuck on the one you'd like to be writing.) If you know what you want to write, make yourself do it, even if it's not turning out the way you want it to. Then, rewrite and edit. If you don't know what you want to write, you have two choices. One: Lay in bed at night, just trying to get some story to play out; when it does, write it down. When it doesn't, give yourself a new scenario because the one you were trying to force them isn't meant to be (yet). At least, that's my method. Please note, it does not always work because, like I said, I am procrastinating right now.

To any of you guys (mainly Rachel, based on her post), do you want to commit to, like, a chapter every week or two weeks and send each other our drafts to proofread on whatever day we commit to? That way we get some writing and some editing done on a schedule.

Also, changing courses slightly, Rachel asked what we're all reading. I'm kind of skimming right now and putting off actually dedicating massive amounts of time to the books (more on the procrastination theme, it seems. Sad day), but I've got a few different things I'm going to be jumping between because some of them are things I can't just sit down and read. The first I just got today; it's a research book I'm going to be exploring: Complexity and Real Computation. I spent, like, forty-five minutes to an hour-and-a-half working on it, and I'm only halfway through the introduction because some of its density (Again, note from Friday: I don't think I'm going to spend my summer reading about math because I want to be doing math, so I think this is on hold). But it's good! The second is another educational-type reading, but of a different nature: Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal, or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Spanish. I'm attempting to learn the language for a trip to Honduras I'm planning, so it's my means of practicing while immersing myself in a story I love. The third is a reread that I immensely enjoyed the first time: Howl's Moving Castle. If you've seen the movie, check out the book; it's better. If you haven't seen the movie, read the book first.

But... Yeah. It's a little after midnight so morning comes in six-and-a-half hours. I'm thinking bedtime. Good night everyone. Have a happy weekend, and Craig, I will read you on Monday.

Sun Burnt Ramblings

Hello everyone! 

I hope those who celebrated the Memorial Day weekend had fun and did not get as sun burnt as I did. My fiance's father decided he wanted to take a random trip to our neighboring state, California, to spend the day at the beach. The trip was filled with Indian food, "that's what she said" jokes, a French woman not knowing that it's inappropriate to go topless on Cali beaches, sand and terrible hotel beds.  But since my fiance's family is full of tan people, only me and my fiance's brother-in-law got painful red burns. Today, my ankles are swollen from the massive burn, and it's horribly uncomfortable to walk... well, it's uncomfortable to do anything at this point.

Anyways, today will be written in parts. Part one was up there... an introduction and explanation of my Memorial Day trip (which was fun, until the burn set in).

Part Two: Blackwater FTW!
 As soon as I got home last night, I watched episode 9 of Game of Thrones, "Blackwater." This was the most anticipated episode of the whole season for two reasons: 1) George R. R. Martin wrote it himself and 2) All of their budget pretty much went into it (epic battle episodes = lots of money). Did it live up to the hype? YES! 

The part everyone was waiting for was the wildfire, and it exceeded my expectations in every regard. And, the flames were green like they were in the book, which was a plus. The dialogue exchanges were pretty much straight from the book... not so surprising since the author wrote the episode, but still. It was great to see recognizable dialogue and scenes from the book. And lets just say the the characters who stole the show were Sansa, Tyrion and The Hound! It was fantastic to see The Hound kicking ass and being the character I loved from the books. So really, this was definitely the best episode of the season, even if lots of characters were left out in order to focus on the happenings in King's Landing. But all of that will be settled in the finale on Sunday!

Part Three: Question Tuesday (anyone get the reference?)
 On Monday, Craig posed an interesting question to all of us:

  • What do you think would help you most in terms of getting work done and motivate you to actually write? 

While I think this might be a difficult question to answer, I'll still try. 

 For me, the difficulty with writing comes from the ideas I have. They are complex, which makes me over-think how to proceed with them. The idea I am working on now is a dystopian story about a man and woman. I have those two characters figured out. I have the challenge they'll face figured out, but all the political and scientific aspects of the story have yet to be decided on, leaving me with a feeling that I shouldn't start writing yet. And it's this way with everything I write. I tend to be a perfectionist with my writing, and I worry about the quality of everything I've typed up. I feel that this story isn't the one to let be mediocre. I want it to be something special...

I don't know if there's a way to get me out of this rut... I guess the only way out is to write. But, like most young college students, there are many distractions. Also, I love procrastinating. I promise to make an effort to write over the summer, and all of my fellow bloggers should see if I'm actually trying. I'd appreciate being held accountable for what I've just said. Keeping a promise is always good motivation, especially when many people have seen/heard/read you make that promise.

Part Four: Conclusion
 Once again, I am so happy to be a part of An Abundance of Blogging. Having read everyone's posts, I can tell that I'm working with some awesome people nerdfighters that I'm sure to get along with. I hope my sun burnt ramblings weren't annoying...

DFTBA y'all! 


Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello, Nerdites! It is week two of An Abundance of Blogging!

 We do all seem to be writers looking to improve our self don't we? We all seem to be facing the same problem: We can't professionally procrastinate! But we need to be able to do both wright well and procrastinate. Therefore I present a question to my fellow bloggers for the week: What do you think would help you most in terms of getting work done and motivate you to actually write? Other than when you have a deadline. For me I am not quite sure myself. I once heard that you should take away all distractions. That's all well and good..... UNLESS YOU ARE LIKE ME! I need google to be able to spell a lot of words. This blog post right now for instance there have already been 5 words that where spelled incorrectly. And at one unfortunate time in my life I felt as if the only way I could write was when I was in an "altered state" (brownie points to anyone who recognizes that movie title). I know that is not true though. It is true that I would do more writing in an altered state but I wasn't GOOD at writing. In fact the level of horse crap I turned up while writing was astronomical.

  I would be amazed at my genius and pass out. And when I woke up I would see a paper and pen beside me and read....... Nothing. Because I couldn't write. There where far more lines connecting to each other than what should be aloud even if I had been writing in cursive. Thankfully I am out of that place in my life now but I am not sure how to get myself to type those words out that have been stewing in my head for a very long time. I will try to come up with an answer for my own question by next Monday.

With that said I pass the torch to you, Shelby.
Best wishes and DFTBA
Craig TLoM.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...

Okay, to start: Sorry for the title. Horrible song. Absolutely awful.

But... It is Friday, and I am so excited. Hopefully that's where the similarities end, however. (At least I hope so... XD)

I'm Linnea, the Friday blogger. I am definitely continuing the trend of 'aspiring author.' All I've ever wanted to do with my life is write, particularly realistic fiction novels. Unfortunately, it is not a steady, salary-producing occupation, so until I can finish a manuscript,  I am following another very opposite passion: mathematics. I am currently at a small university in the Midwest and quite happy here. This summer, I'm working on an interdisciplinary mathematics/synthetic biology research project in the area of bacterial computing. So far, it seems really cool. I have very little to do with the biology side (which is fortunate for them, because I'm terrible at anything lab-related, and I haven't had a biology class since my junior year of high school). You'll probably end up hearing a bit about that over the next few weeks. Otherwise, I'm a complete nerd and very proud of it. :) (Harry Potter for the win!)

I can definitely related to Rachel when she says her blog gets neglected because of lacking deadlines. That's what happens with most of my writing, sadly. :( But, I think this will be good for us! It's really exciting to get to meet and know a group of author-to-be Nerdfighters, and I'm totally pumped to see where this goes!

I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from everyone, and I am happy to wish you a pleasant, safe weekend. TGIF and DFTBA, my friends!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another day..another blogger.

Hello everyone,

I'm Nicole. I was invited to write in this collab-blog by the brilliant mastermind, Linnea, who also happens to be one of my best friend's at the school we go to. So without further ado, here we go.

-I'm currently a sophomore in college working on a Bachelor's in Public Relations with a minor in Sociology, and so far I really love it.

-I've actually been blogging myself for roughly five years now and I chronicle everything from random daily things in my life that have excited me, to having cancer and experiencing chemotherapy for four months, to losing a parent.

I'm not sure what else to put here since I'm writing this on my lunch break and I don't have a lot of time left. See everyone next Thursday, and have a lovely weekend!


Hey guys, my name is Rachel, I am 24, I live in Australia, and I am your blogger for Wednesday or 'hump day' as I like to call it.

I am so excited about this project and about the fact that I get to be the person to wish you into the best part of the working week - the end of it. I've always loved writing but I find it really hard to stick to a project when I don't have a deadline (which is probably why my own blog gets very neglected). Not only will this project help me to produce my own creative content on a regular basis, but it has already enabled me to meet a bunch of other writers who I simply cannot wait to get to know better!

Much like the rest of you, I am an aspiring author. I take after my mother in that respect, she is my biggest inspiration. Ever since I challenged her to Nanowrimo one year and she beat me and then published her finished novel, the passion inside me to become a published author become almost unbearable. And yet, here I am, several unfinished novels later and I'm still unpublished lol hopefully one day, until then I am going to practice learning patience.

I am also a freelance journalist, this keeps my parents happy because it means I am putting my degree to use, and it keeps me writing because of its ever constant deadlines. Secretly I both love and hate it. Most of my assignments give me just enough creative freedom to keep me happy, but there's always that editor in the back of your head forcing you to stay between the lines.

Writing aside, I guess I hope to mainly use this project as a place to get to know four awesome nerdfighters... I have loved reading your posts and cant wait for Thursday and Friday. I am just so honoured to be a part of this project and I really cannot wait to get right into it!

Looking forward to writing with you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey y'all, it's the Tuesday Writer!

I'm that girl who'll be writing on Tuesdays, otherwise known as Shelby W. 

I'm not one of those girls who likes to talk about herself, and I often feel weird when I have to describe/introduce myself to other people or on a profile. So, since this is that sort of situation, I feel kinda weird...  Oh well!

To start....

I'm an aspiring author (seems to be a trend on this blog!). While I've written lots of things, I've yet to finish a novel. It's no lie when authors say writing novels is hard work. It definitely is. All of my manuscripts have been left untouched for many reasons: plots didn't work, got stuck (that dreadful writer's block!), the idea needed to be expanded...etc. I think I need to work on this... just a tad. 

My life is nothing out of the ordinary. I'm engaged to an awesome guy. I'm a college student majoring in English. I like to read. I'm a Doctor Who and Game of Thrones (among other shows)  junkie. The only interesting thing about me is that I'm a trap shooter (shotguns and flying clay targets). Really though, I'm quite a boring person. But I guess that's not exactly a bad thing. Sometimes, the most satisfying thing is living a normal life and being happy it's normal...

From me, I suppose you can expect a whole bunch of random rants about my inability to write, posts about TV shows and other entertainment (reviews galore!), and posts about everyday life. I can't wait to see what the other writers bring to this blog, and I hope that it can be enjoyable for us to write and for you to read, whoever you might be.

I think that's all that needs to be said. I don't wanna seem self-absorbed or anything (not that I am... I'm totally not!).  

(Don't Forget To Be Awesome)

-Shelby W. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello gang!..... Ummmmmm.... Team? Comrades? Nerdfighters? Nerdfighters *nods*

 I am Craig the Lord of Mondays here to kick off An Abundance of Blogging! Please bare with me I am new to blogging but I am not new to vlogging which is almost the same thing. Save for the fact my camra wont go dead when I am trying to think of something pertinent and inspiring to say or talk about. But anyway as was prior mentioned, I am Craig. I am a 26 year old male who spends an alarming amount of time alone in my room playing video games while watching vlogbrothers videos. I am for lack of a better word a "aspiring author" (I quote that because I fancy myself a pretend writer). I really got into writing as a kid when my special ed teacher told me that I had talent among my peers (she was kind of an asshat). Even that being the case it lit a small fire withing me. It's not a raging fire that can't be quenched. It is a small fire that will forever live on inside of me. A small part of me, begging for attention and acceptance. And I think that is how it is with all of us really. We don't have fire's that go out. We won't let them. We will keep kindling the flame, and we will forever kindle until the sun rises. Or monsters eat us. Whichever one comes first. I look forward to meeting the rest of you and making friends. With that said, See you tomorrow, Shelby.