Wednesday, May 30, 2012's been a long week.

What do you think would help you most in terms of getting work done and motivate you to actually write?

Like Rachal  and Craig, I too procrastinate with the best of em and I work well under pressure, until the Internet shows it's pretty little face. Once that happens than I am more or less done for, unless the ideas are just falling out of my fingertips and onto the paper. Hence why I'm finishing writing this post at midnight, and my  answer to that is pretty cut and dry, if the Internet wasn't as  full of awesome  as it is then more of my writing projects would get done. Than again I do a hefty portion of my writing online so the sword, and much to my dismay, is double edged.

Some times when I'm really bored and need to get some mindless thoughts out of my head I usually turn to either Tumblr or Twitter to draw inspiration and to "take notes" on life. My Twitter and Tumblr know more about my life than my Facebook does some times. But in some cases I turn to my friend's who sometimes happen to be writer's and ask them what they have done and do to get themselves into a hearty "writing mood", and though I consider some of them to be more seasoned writers than myself I still write whenever I feel the writing bugs bite and when I have no paper I usually turn to Twitter and make a note to myself and look back at it later. I'm not crazy, it just works. 

Just in case you guys haven't realized this yet, I can some times be a bit of a contradiction, but it all makes sense in my head. I swear. 

Until next week I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 


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