Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nerdfighter Quote App and NaNoWriMo

Hey everyone! It's Tuesday again! I'm beginning to feel very lonely writing for this blog by myself. But, I wanna keep doing it regardless.

First of all, I'd like to let everyone know that there will be a third-party presidential debate tonight moderated by Larry King! This is going to be awesome. And if you're still unsure who to vote for, perhaps you will be inspired to cast a "protest vote." :P For more information about the debate, go here. Also, if you'd like to understand why some people prefer to vote for a third-party, check out this Youtube video. I think it's really important to consider every option, especially when our current mainstream media only focuses on Democrats and Republicans. As a nation, we should be exposed to every possible candidate, not just those with the most money.

Now, going away from the evil land of politics, I'd like to promote an awesome project I am a part of with a whole bunch of other nerdfighters. We're creating a quote app featuring quotes from both John and Hank Green. But compiling that many quotes is a momentous task, so we need lots of help!! Also, if you know a foreign language and feel you could translate the quotes accurately, that would also be of great help! If you'd like to join our project, join our facebook group!

Now on to this big thing that has got me worrying... NaNoWriMo!!! (National Novel Writing Month)

I signed up for it for the first time. *sigh* Last year, I considered it, but I was busy writing short stories for school and critiquing all of my classmates' stories that I felt I was too busy to do it. But this year, I am totally free to write. But, with my frustrating lack of inspiration and my obsession with so many other things, I'm wondering if I'll be able to create a story worth telling (or even if I could get words out at all). I guess I should quit over-thinking it and just outline as much as I can. Either way, the story I plan on writing is something that I'm really excited about... So hopefully it'll turn out all right.

Well, that's it for today. I hope to hear from my fellow bloggers soon. ;)
Don't forget to vote in this election! Join the quote app group! And...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Politics vs. Friendships

Hey everyone! It's Tuesday again! This time around, my post is gonna be a bit more serious. 

Yesterday at the dinner table, my mother brought up something very troubling that we've been seeing on Facebook. We all know that Election Day is almost upon us and that we'll be deciding who will run this nation for the next four years. Facebook has become a battleground of political propaganda photos and ranting status updates about why the opposing side needs to fall off the face of the earth. To be honest, it's all ridiculous to me. But my mom brought up something a lot worse than these things. 

"What pisses me off is how people, who've been friends for years, are now attacking each other because they are voting for different people."

She's right. I've seen friends attack one another because one supports Obama while the other supports Romney. But if you look back a few months before, they were friendly with one another.

The biggest issue here is: nothing changed in anyone simply because they are openly supporting a candidate. They are still good people who work hard, treated others with decency and respect, and enjoy the same things. They are still great students, parents, bosses, artists and workers. But now, these people belittle one another for their political opinions and think it's okay. It isn't. In any other situation, you'd be decent to one another. Political opinion should not change that. 

We live in the United States of America. We have the freedom to choose. We have the right to think freely and not feel persecuted for it. 

When this election is over, I suspect that many people will find they've lost friends over their political spam. Either they argued their way into losing friends, or they've annoyed those who are indifferent to politics, resulting in a loss. I feel bad for those who've put politics over friendship in such a way. 

I hope we can all continue on toward Election Day with a mindfulness of how to treat those with differing opinions. Show respect. Don't get angry. Remember that their opinions didn't change them. And for crying out loud, fact check!!!

Until next time, 
Shelby W.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey everyone! It's almost Wednesday and I almost forgot to write my post for today! I decided to work my way to finishing Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 on my own since my fiancé isn't really into the game anymore. And lets just say I got a little annoyed with it. =P

Nothing has really happened this past week besides my fiancé and deciding on the possible month of our wedding. October 2013. While this is exciting, and Lord knows I've been getting ideas from Pinterest and other websites, we still have to sit down and discuss the financial side of the planning with our parents. Like most folks, our families aren't rich. So planning this will certainly come down to a lot of DIY and creativity. But hey, that makes the ceremony and reception even more personal, memorable and fun! 

I hope all is well with y'all and that I'll be able to read something from you soon! 

Shelby W.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Video Games and Mini-Vacation Planning

Hey everyone! It's Tuesday!

Today is basically very uneventful. Watched Midnight In Paris, which I find to be a brilliant movie and made my day to watch all the way through once more. And while watching, I remembered that I had to post on the blog today. I realize that all of you rarely post these days, and there's two possible reasons for that: 1) You're impossibly busy or 2) Your life is incredibly boring. Either way, I hope to see more of your posts. I am in the second category, so I enjoy reading posts from people who might be impossibly busy and have actual things to do every day. 

Apart from the movie watching and boredom, I've been sort-of planning a mini-vacation to Disneyland with my fiancé. 

I love Disneyland. My fiancé thinks that I am addicted to looking up Disney related things. I think it's healthy. I've always loved Disney, and Disneyland is one of my favorite places to visit. The problem with such a trip is how expensive the parks are year-around. Planning is tricky, and takes a lot of work. But, we do plan on going soon. And I can promise that my post following the trip will be full of photos from the trip! At least then my posts will be entertaining. :P 

Today, Resident Evil 6 came out. My fiancé is obsessed with those games, so as soon as he gets home from work, we'll be playing that all night! I played Resident Evil 5 with him and I was surprisingly good at it. So, hopefully I'll do well with this game.  
Well, I hope to see posts from the rest of you soon... I'd hate to discover that I'm the only one posting now... :(

Hope the rest of the week is full of awesomeness for y'all! 
Shelby W.