Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello, Nerdites! It is week two of An Abundance of Blogging!

 We do all seem to be writers looking to improve our self don't we? We all seem to be facing the same problem: We can't professionally procrastinate! But we need to be able to do both wright well and procrastinate. Therefore I present a question to my fellow bloggers for the week: What do you think would help you most in terms of getting work done and motivate you to actually write? Other than when you have a deadline. For me I am not quite sure myself. I once heard that you should take away all distractions. That's all well and good..... UNLESS YOU ARE LIKE ME! I need google to be able to spell a lot of words. This blog post right now for instance there have already been 5 words that where spelled incorrectly. And at one unfortunate time in my life I felt as if the only way I could write was when I was in an "altered state" (brownie points to anyone who recognizes that movie title). I know that is not true though. It is true that I would do more writing in an altered state but I wasn't GOOD at writing. In fact the level of horse crap I turned up while writing was astronomical.

  I would be amazed at my genius and pass out. And when I woke up I would see a paper and pen beside me and read....... Nothing. Because I couldn't write. There where far more lines connecting to each other than what should be aloud even if I had been writing in cursive. Thankfully I am out of that place in my life now but I am not sure how to get myself to type those words out that have been stewing in my head for a very long time. I will try to come up with an answer for my own question by next Monday.

With that said I pass the torch to you, Shelby.
Best wishes and DFTBA
Craig TLoM.

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