Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sun Burnt Ramblings

Hello everyone! 

I hope those who celebrated the Memorial Day weekend had fun and did not get as sun burnt as I did. My fiance's father decided he wanted to take a random trip to our neighboring state, California, to spend the day at the beach. The trip was filled with Indian food, "that's what she said" jokes, a French woman not knowing that it's inappropriate to go topless on Cali beaches, sand and terrible hotel beds.  But since my fiance's family is full of tan people, only me and my fiance's brother-in-law got painful red burns. Today, my ankles are swollen from the massive burn, and it's horribly uncomfortable to walk... well, it's uncomfortable to do anything at this point.

Anyways, today will be written in parts. Part one was up there... an introduction and explanation of my Memorial Day trip (which was fun, until the burn set in).

Part Two: Blackwater FTW!
 As soon as I got home last night, I watched episode 9 of Game of Thrones, "Blackwater." This was the most anticipated episode of the whole season for two reasons: 1) George R. R. Martin wrote it himself and 2) All of their budget pretty much went into it (epic battle episodes = lots of money). Did it live up to the hype? YES! 

The part everyone was waiting for was the wildfire, and it exceeded my expectations in every regard. And, the flames were green like they were in the book, which was a plus. The dialogue exchanges were pretty much straight from the book... not so surprising since the author wrote the episode, but still. It was great to see recognizable dialogue and scenes from the book. And lets just say the the characters who stole the show were Sansa, Tyrion and The Hound! It was fantastic to see The Hound kicking ass and being the character I loved from the books. So really, this was definitely the best episode of the season, even if lots of characters were left out in order to focus on the happenings in King's Landing. But all of that will be settled in the finale on Sunday!

Part Three: Question Tuesday (anyone get the reference?)
 On Monday, Craig posed an interesting question to all of us:

  • What do you think would help you most in terms of getting work done and motivate you to actually write? 

While I think this might be a difficult question to answer, I'll still try. 

 For me, the difficulty with writing comes from the ideas I have. They are complex, which makes me over-think how to proceed with them. The idea I am working on now is a dystopian story about a man and woman. I have those two characters figured out. I have the challenge they'll face figured out, but all the political and scientific aspects of the story have yet to be decided on, leaving me with a feeling that I shouldn't start writing yet. And it's this way with everything I write. I tend to be a perfectionist with my writing, and I worry about the quality of everything I've typed up. I feel that this story isn't the one to let be mediocre. I want it to be something special...

I don't know if there's a way to get me out of this rut... I guess the only way out is to write. But, like most young college students, there are many distractions. Also, I love procrastinating. I promise to make an effort to write over the summer, and all of my fellow bloggers should see if I'm actually trying. I'd appreciate being held accountable for what I've just said. Keeping a promise is always good motivation, especially when many people have seen/heard/read you make that promise.

Part Four: Conclusion
 Once again, I am so happy to be a part of An Abundance of Blogging. Having read everyone's posts, I can tell that I'm working with some awesome people nerdfighters that I'm sure to get along with. I hope my sun burnt ramblings weren't annoying...

DFTBA y'all! 


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