Monday, July 23, 2012

 Hello all.

              The shooting in Aurora Colorado. This hit WAY too close to home for me, as I live in Colorado myself. I knew that none of my family was in danger but you can never really get rid of that nagging feeling. My cousin and I where hanging out that night and we both bitched about how we couldn't go see Batman. Then I got the news and my irrational side kicked in "It could have been us!" Well no, dumb ass, it couldn't. I am by no means close to Aurora save for being in the same state. But I still found myself biting my nails and trying to gather news about what happend. It is truly an awful thing that happend but I am going to be a bit of a prick on this part: Don't let this affect you wanting to see movies please. I saw people swearing up and down that they would no longer go to movie theaters and I had to bite my fist from literally shouting BS. And now I am trying to find a way to share my opinion and still be tactful and not seem like a raving idiot. We can't let bad things stop the good things. If you love movies or sports or whatever we have to keep that love! It's what makes life at least a little better. We can't let one man ruin it for all of us. And I sure as hell wont. Next month, if I have the means to do as such, I am going to take my little cousin and my brother to go see The Dark Knight Rises. I would like to say that I'm being defiant, but that isn't even it. I love movies. I love video games. I love music. I would have gone regardless. And regardless I will go.

 Sorry for this depressing post. I had to get that off my chest and I still don't feel the burden lifted. I am just not agreeing with the direction humanity is going in and I am not articulate enough to put it all in words. At least right now.

I loved hearing all your music! It's so nice to hear what others listen too!

DFTBA and best wishes,
Craig TLoM


  1. I loved what you had to say Craig, you were very respectful and eloquent with your words, and I wholeheartedly agree with you about those that say that they aren't going to see movies ever again.


  2. Craig, I feel the exact same way. While it is terrible that a man decided to do that, we can't let his actions control our lives. I've seen many people talking about not going to see the film because of it and I've seen people claim that the film would fail at the box office because of the shooting. *sigh* The film broke records, I saw the film and my fiance is now seeing it with his brothers as I type this. My theater took precautions and checked all bags/purses for weapons. One theater chain is now putting stricter rules on costumes for midnight showings. I feel like that's enough. There's no need to allow one tragedy to end our fun. Go see the film... because there were people killed who couldn't even finish it. And I don't think they'd want us to put our lives and fun on hold out of fear.

  3. When we heard about the shooting over here we were all just so shocked and saddened. We have such strict gun control laws in Australia that it is very rear for us to hear about anything involving them, so when the shooting made international news we couldnt help but start sending our prayers and love your way!

    I totally understand what you are saying Craig, I went and watched the movie all the way through.

    I continue to pray for all of the victims, survivors, and their loved ones. I am so glad you dont live near the shooting craig! Thank you for sharing this post.