Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photos that I adore...

Hey guys! It's Tuesday! 

I hope everything is/will be all right, Craig. I can't wait to see your special post on Saturday! 

Well, to kick off a week of photos, I'll start by saying this: I used to be an obsessive amateur photographer. I took some photography classes in my homeschool group and loved every moment of them. I still love photography (as can be seen in my addiction to Instagram haha), but I rarely go out an take pictures. I plan on incorporating more than one photo into this post, so if that's annoying, I'm sorry. Some of the photos might be older as well.

My City:
 I live in Las Vegas, NV... "Sin City." But I am more interested in all the lights and neon. Downtown, there's a "junkyard" full of old, decommissioned/discarded signs from the many casinos that were either demolished or renovated. We call it the Neon Graveyard or Neon Bone Yard. 

I think this photo is from 2008 when my photography class went there for a second time. It was raining during the shoot (a very unconventional shoot where we all ran off and explored to find interesting shots). The first time we'd gone to the Bone Yard, I had photographed this sign in almost the same way, but we used disposable cameras that time. I had my digital and Nikon film camera, so I was able to get better quality shots. I love the overcast sky and other signs in the background, as well as the cheerful pink that is obviously fading (unfortunately). The bulbs are all still intact, amazingly, and I just love the composition of this photo. 

I think the Bone Yard reflects the constant change that Vegas is undergoing in order to modernize the city and get rid of all the old. The signs just sit there, rusting and breaking, a sad display of an older Vegas. But, I prefer the old Vegas, and the Bone Yard is a reminder of old-time Vegas.

My Dog:
  This is my mother's favorite dog. We have two...but she adores this dog more than the other. I photographed the dog because he actually stays still long enough for me to get a great shot. You can think he's cute, but he's an absolute menace... He's over protective of my mom, but he's a totally wimp when things move or make a noise suddenly. This was taken early this year...

Obligatory "Artsy" Photo:
So, it doesn't rain often in Vegas, but when it does, I become obsessive with the photographs. This is one such photo. 

I took it outside in my backyard, at one of the trees. I have another shot of the leaves covered with dozens of raindrops, but I like this one more. ;) 

This was taken early this year, I think.  

My Fiance & I: 
 I had provide a recent photograph of myself and my fiance! We were on our way to dinner last week and I decide to take a goofy photo with my phone in the car. 

Really, the only goofy part of the photo is his face... He can't really ever take a serious photo, and that transfers over to his family as well. But, his goofiness is one reason that I love him. <3

But, I really like this photo. We're both looking good...even though I'm wearing terrible bug-eyed glasses. :P

I hope all of those photos were worth posting... the next time we do a photo week, I will actually pick better photos...hopefully. 

As for next week, would anyone like to discuss music? Like, what we're currently listening to, songs we love or simply a post about the genres you prefer? Let me know in the comments. :)

DFTBA everyone! Can't wait to see all of your photos!
-Shelby W.


  1. Wow that was awesome :) And i still have no idea what picture/s i want to post haha

    I feel like i get to know you guys better and better with each post. I've never been to Las Vegas, in my 2 trips to the US i travelled through LA, Sandiego, and Texas. I really want to go to Las Vegas, and New York is kind of the obligatory destination too i guess. Thanks for letting us inside your world! And your dog looks adorable lol but i know from experience that a dogs may look like an angel but they still DESTROY YOUR ENTIRE YARD... lol and yet we still love them.

    1. Glad you liked my pictures! (We definitely should do a photo week often!)

      I love San Diego! One of my favorite places in Cali (I think that might change if I ever get to travel through Northern Cali, though). I've never been to New York, but I really wanna go. I've been to Texas, but we were just passing through to get to Louisiana... My dad is from Texas though.

      If you ever get the chance to come to Vegas, don't be the average tourist that stays on the Strip to party at the casinos. There are lots of awesome places to visit when you're not in the mood to party. We may be in the desert, but it can be really beautiful (when it isn't summer!) near the mountains and there are awesome ghost towns. If you ever need a tour guide, I'm sure I could help you out. lol.

      Yeah... my dogs... they don't destroy stuff, but they are very disobedient. *sigh* They like to jump up on you, and their claws are kind of sharp, so it can be dangerous. :P No idea why we haven't taken them in to have the claws trimmed. Oh well.

  2. Free tour guide ftw haha, my brother went to Vegas last year i think and he wanted to go out to the grand canyon and things that that but nevr got the chance, i'm not the typical tourist lol so i'd probably go anywhere and everywhere :)

    My dog jumps too, but he has the cutest puppy eyes whenever he wants to get out of being in trouble lol i just cant resist them!

    Also, i agree, photo week has been awesome so far, cant wait for everyone else :P