Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello, lovelies!

I am really sorry I did not post on Monday like I was supposed to. Some lord I am eh? I am going threw a bit of a rough patch right now and I hope it doesn't affect the blog too much :(

Okay so this will be weird but: I don't really have any pictures on my computer. None of me without other people who would prefer to not be made public. I have a picture of me bald but I really don't think Y'all would want to see this daft old mug. Least of all this daft old mug bald hahaha. And my phone is too crappy for any good landscape shots. IDEA! Just picture a Magic the Gathering Deck, a hot guy playing Magic and a backdrop of mountains (and for the record I am to be the hot guy). Cool picture right!? But thats what I like to do. Play Magic the Gathering and video games and I live in a place where the rocky mountains are in the back ground. Those old mountains are so cool. On a clear day you can make out the crags and pathways even though I am so far away from them. It's really beautiful and I wish y'all could see them like I do. Or even just see them. I know that y'all would love such beauty. The funny thing is I just can't stand this place anymore. And not even those mountains can change my mind. Though, I am sure, that if I left all I would be able to think about is back here and that breaks my heart. Oh gosh this turned Emo. I will stop it there.

Have fun, be safe, be happy, and DFTBA

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