Monday, July 16, 2012


Thats what my post will be about today as per Shelby's request.

I listen to all sorts of music just as long as I find it good. Mostly rock though but

I go from Emo rock like

To popish i guess like

 just because I am awesome DOCTOR FREAKING NOISE!

I do all that I can to listen to what I can. There is also another example of my music tastes but there are no videos of it on youtube :( It's my uncle's band and they are pretty good. It's a bit country/humor/rock ish. not sure how to designate it to be honest.

It was good seeing and reading about the pictures you all posted. You all have such fantastic lives XD

Have fun, be safe, be happy, and DFTBA

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  1. The song about Captain Jack Harkness is awesome! Never heard it before, but I'm glad you included it! (They mentioned the Face of Boe theory! That blew my mind when Jack said he used to be called the Face of Boe... still has my mind reeling.)