Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hi guys :)

This past week has been so hectic for me, so many personal things surface and life just got too busy. Trying to fit in playing two sports while working full time and trying to keep up with my writing has proven to be impossible.

My girlfriends granddad passed away, which was so hard for her and her whole family, especially because she lost her other granddad not too long ago either. Things are looking up now though, and time heals all wounds. But that was definitely a rocky start to our week. My dog is destroying my yard, does anyone know how to stop a 9 month old puppy from digging? lol It looks like I'm either going to have to give up roller derby or gridiron... my training times are clashing and tbh I'm really feeling gridiron, I've always loved the sport... but i know you guys don't like when i talk about sport haha so onto writing... the biggest freelance job i had has now gone after the magazine shut down unexpectedly. Which means my only paying freelance gig is now gone and my three years studying journalism is once again all for nothing. Sometimes i wonder why i even did the degree, its so obvious now that the print media is collapsing... Maybe i just really need to focus on my novels, how are you guys going with your writing? I want to try and write a chapter next week. Just one chapter, totally doable, right? lol *head desk*

Now onto Linnea's question and the irony that on the 4th of July the blogger who happens to be answering the question about American Culture is in fact the only non-American on the blog lol I can definitely relate to what Linnea, Craig, and Shelby are saying about multiculturalism, and the Moss Eisley reference was epic haha Australia is also filled with so many cultures (as I am New Zealand born i know this very well) but we do still have a few identifiers that make us unique. The 'dinky-di', 'true-blue', Aussie spirit is buried within each of us, even if we dont like to admit it at times. And i think the same can be said for Americans. Despite the amazing mix of culture that our countries are, America continues to have its own culture just as a China town in America has a Chinese culture. There is a definite American way of life, that might be very stereotypical, but i dont think that makes it any less true. Proud, patriotic, white picket fence, football players dating cheerleaders... ok so maybe not EVERY american has those same ideals, but when it comes down to it, i believe the majority of Americans have the same cultural-spirit. Im not sure if this makes any sense to any of you, but if i can try explain it more i will do so in the comments :)

Anyway, I was thinking next week we can each attach a picture to our blog and write about it? It can be any picture of anything from any time... but just pick it and write about it... Are you guys in?

Oh and *sets off fireworks* HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!


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  2. Oooh! I am definitely interested in your photo idea, Rachel! The problem is... I'm totally in love with photography. I used to be in a few photography classes (my computer is packed with photos) and I love Instagram (any of you on Instagram?). I do the monthly photo a day challenges and everything. So, I'll have a hard time picking just one photo. :P Maybe we should do a photo week once a month (or every few months) or something?

    Sorry to hear about your freelance jobs not working out... that definitely sucks. I don't have any advice for you with regards to your feelings about your degree because I've been worrying about the same thing with mine. Studying English doesn't exactly take you anywhere other than teaching or editing, and I don't plan on moving to a publishing city, ever. So...yeah. I feel your pain. As for my writing, I've been slacking big time. I have so many ideas and I can't flesh them out enough to feel comfortable writing. Ugh!

  3. We should definitely do the photo thing more than once, tbh i dont even know what photo im going to put up yet haha but im sure i will find something to go on and on about :P

    And we should find a way to motivate each other to write. I really need it. If i ever want to become a published author i really have to kick it into gear and actually write something.

    1. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be picking a few photos... but I have no clue which ones. I mean, should they be of me and/or my family? Old artsy photography? Ugh. Too many choices.

      Yes! I am so in need of motivation, it's sad. I think we're both in the same boat here... We'll have to figure something out. I do love editing/critiquing, so if you ever have anything you'd like opinions on, I can help!