Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If a picture is really worth a thousand words than I have already written a ton of novels!

 Hey guys, i almost kind of regret setting this photo week task because it has taken me so long to pick photos to put up here haha i thought it would be much easier. But after seeing Shelbys post i was inspired to put up a couple more than i was originally going to, so here goes :)

This is me... in a dress lol now it hasn't happened many times since then, so my mum cherishes this photo immensely, but believe it or not i haven't changed much since the day this photo was taken. I think it was 5 minutes after i finished my beautiful walk down the aisle of my aunties wedding throwing flowers at the ground that i ripped off my dress and started running around in only my nappy. My mum predicted this would happen and packed me my favourite set of overalls so i at least wouldn't be semi naked all day. I have never really been into dresses and pretty things, i think having two older brothers probably influenced that a lot. Although, i do appreciate a beautiful dress a lot more these days... I must be getting older lol

 Speaking of people who having influenced me a whole lot, this is my mother... and two giant cups of coffee :) My mother has, is, and always will be my best friend. We have a lot in common, but one thing we are both equally in love with is coffee. We used to watch the Gilmore Girls every week, drinking coffee after coffee for each episode (which is where I got my derby name from - Gory Killmore). She's also an amazing writer, and is my favourite author. I love her more than words could ever describe.

Speaking of my favourite authors, you all know who takes my number 2 spot :) I think I may have pee'd my pants when this photo was taken... 

This is my partner... oh crap, wrong pic... ;)
(I know I'm a dork, you can all diss me now lol - but I'm not a twihard, promise)

Finally, THIS is me and my beautiful girlfriend watching a stunning sunset in Bali. This was an amazing end to an amazing day, and I drank out of my first coconut that night, so I was very happy. Jamie is the best gf I could ever have asked for, she is beautiful inside and out and continues to make me smile every single day :)
Sorry for the novel :P Cant wait to see everyone else's posts this week xx


  1. Two things I'm jealous of regarding your photos: You met John Green and you and your significant other were able to go to Bali. You're lucky!

    Your photos were great! Loved the childhood photo... I think we all have one of those photos where we think, "I wanted out of that outfit so bad!" I know I have one...or several. But every parent wants that one photo that shows their "little girl" looking all cute and precious. :P

  2. My mum actually surprised me with the trip to see him and it was so awesome. John is as amazing in real life as he is in the vlogs... although he was somewhat more awkward haha And Bali really was great, probably just because everything was so cheap haha