Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slutty brownies, Father's Day weekend and an emo Nicole

This week I may have forgotten to be awesome, John would be disappointed.

So I've been feeling a little depressed lately, guys. Since this week seems to be a free week I guess I'll tell my fellow nerdfighter's about it.

My work week has kind of sucked, and so has one of my friend's so I had the idea to have a crappy week party at her apartment the other day. It included Slutty Brownies and kool-aid, which unfortunately made us both sick as dogs. But we did watch P.S I Love You and ugly cried so that was fun. I guess.

This weekend is Father's Day, and I plan on locking myself in my room with a small mountain of food and a box of tissues. I lost my father two years ago to cancer so my plan is to become a recluse and let myself write, read, sleep, etc. to try to keep my mind off of everything that's not happy about the holiday. I'm sorry if I just killed this Thursday for everyone. I've had a long week and I'm trying not to project on to this blog.
But the good thing is that I'm thinking that next week will be a good week. I hope you all have good weekends!



I wish I was in Bali.

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