Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello, my lovely blogger blogging blog buddy's....... BLOG! Monday rolls around yet again.

  I do hope that everyone had a good fathers day weekend. Nicole, I don't want to demean what you went threw: but I feel similar to you. I lost my father as well, though that was 6 years ago (7 this August). I know what it felt like back then and it still bugs me even now. I know that you will do what you need to to cope with this and I will always be around to listen to you and everyone else we share this blog with. But for all intents and purposes for today NO MORE SORROW!

 So today I celebrated my moms birthday! Not her actual birthday today but this was the best time to do it other than the up coming weekend. My brother and I got her one of the best movies ever: The Princes Bride XD! So fracking metal! My brother also drew a birthday card for her which I contributed to heavily by signing it..... Yeah..... I kinda suck...... ANYWAYS! She really loved our gifts and I will be surprised if she hasn't ripped open the package and is watching it at this very moment! We love that movie to death.

I really liked your review of Prometheus, Shelby! I myself am very hesitant to go see this film. I am one of those people that grew up watching Aliens. To the point where I got very mad when they mixed Aliens and Predator (Predator being another film I grew up with). But your review changed my mind enough to at least give this movie a chance.

 Rachel, I am sorry you where not in the comfort of anywhere other than an airport when you blogged last, and I am sorry that you didn't win the second game of your tournament. But seeing as it inspired more love for Roller I TAKE MY SORRY BACK! (not really....... or really? Not really) Better luck next time though! I know you will do better next time and bring home the gold! If that's what they give you.......

Linnea, Don't worry about missing your day. We are just starting this shin dig so its bound to happen every now and then XD I am happy that you have so much fun in your show's but I must point out that if it's based on Charlie Brown you are prone to running into bad writing and even bad songs. Charlie Brown is the most dag gum depressing thing EVER! But it will still be loved by one and all. That's just his charm. I have always seen him as my kindred spirit..... I just can't stand Lucy. LET HIM KICK THE BALL! And you are no psychiatrist, lady! Oh no! No no no!

Here is a question for my lovely's: What movies where your favorites as a kid that you probably shouldn't have been watching? Don't lie! I know you have them!

That's all for me today! Have fun, be safe, be happy, and best wishes!


  1. I adore The Princess Bride! One of my favorite films. Gosh, now I wanna watch it!!!

    I'm glad you're thinking of giving Prometheus a chance after reading my review. As a fan of Alien, I'm sure you'll have many complaints, but try to keep an open mind while watching it. If anything, watch it for Michael Fassbender's amazing acting! :P (Yeah, I'm a Fassbender fangirl...)

    1. I have started to become one of those old cadgers who always says that "Back in my day stuff was better" when it really wasn't. I will give it a chance and look at it as a whole (or try to XD)