Monday, June 11, 2012

I am lost. Not sure how to open this. I AM CRAIG!

Nicole asked if we have read any of the books she listed. I have not read them, sorry. :(

Rachel wanted to know our favorite (other than Harry Potter) and hated movie book adaptations. My favorite movie adaptation if from a book I haven't read: Hearts in Atlantis. I don't know if you are counting those *shrugs* And I haven't really seen a movie book adaptation I hate to be honest.

Shelby wanted to know what constitutes a true fan. You bring up good points, Shelby, but as usual the truth resists simplicity. We should all be respectful of ech other and not just discredit people without a lot of information about that person. There are so many kinds of fans that it's hard to put a good finger down on the subject. There are the fans who get a little too crazy and sit in there favorite artist's shower recording them brush there teeth and collect there nail clippings and there are the fans that are okay with the artists work but doesn't give a crap about the artist. Two ends of the spectrum. Both valid fans save one is a bit too excited and the other could be a better fan. We can't discredit either of them when they have something to say though. That doesn't mean they are right, but we can't. Sometimes though: people are just asshats. They either want to stir the pot or don't view you as an authority on the subject. All we can do is try to not step on toes. If you do let them step on your toe back. And if they stomp ask if they are satisfied. If they try again laugh in there face and call them a sad human being. We just need to try not to let things get out of hand.

Yes, my metaphors do suck. Thank you for noticing.

P.S. I give Linnea permission to go ahead and post. I notice she has hers fired up.


  1. I got a bit confused when I posted last, I was lost on what the question for the week was last week. Sorry guys, last week was a long week for me and my brain was kind of derpy but this week and every week into the future will be better!

    1. Don't worry about it ^.^ We all have those weeks!