Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday hath come once more! 
 And Craig, the Lord of Mondays has come with it!

 I really enjoyed reading your answers to my question last week. Now would be the time to do what I told you I was going to do and give you my answer...... *thinks*........ *brain dies* Well if anything this will help me out a lot hahah. Or even just doing the hardest thing ever and just writing without any thought of publishing. Just writing to write again. I wrote a lot more when I didn't realize my own limits and didn't have a soul crushing dream looming over me hahaha. And I should not always try to do everything at once.....

BOOKS! The books that I am procrastinating on reading are as follows and I list them even though one will make y'all mad at me.
1: Monster Blood Tattoo book III: Factotum. It's a really good series of books so far but I get to the middle of Factotum and stop reading x.x
2 and 3: The Saga of Lartin Crepsly book II and III: I just havent been reading them x.x
4: The Fault in our Stars *braces for onslaught of hatred* I will get around to reading it!

I am just awful at when it comes to getting things done to be honest. No matter what it is.

Sorry but this one is going to be a bit watered down it seems. That also happens to me. As a wise man once said "Don't forget to be awesome"


  1. Hahaha. No hatred at all, but you HAVE to read TFioS! It's soooo good. My favorite of his books so far (though I haven't read WGWG or Paper Towns yet).

    1. You haven't read Paper Towns, Linnea!? That and TFioS are tied for my favorite!

      Craig, you definitely need to read TFioS! You're definitely missing out on a great read.

    2. Paper Towns is on my shelf, I just haven't had the chance to delve into it yet with everything else going on. I can't wait to read it!