Thursday, June 21, 2012

This post is coming to you in 4 parts.

Hello everyone, this post will be coming to you in four parts.

First, I want to thank everyone for the support and kind words, especially you Craig. What you said really meant a lot to me and I appreciate it. Also, happy belated Birthday to you're Mom :).

Secondly, this week has been a bit of a roller coaster. But one not quite as bad as last week's, which I'm considering a really good thing, but the six weeks that I have left in this dorm until I get to move back "home" are going to slowly go by and I'm not too thrilled about that mainly because there is a girl in my suite that I've dubbed "the mother hen" and she's found a way to push a lot of my buttons over the past five weeks and it's getting a little out of hand. One mother is enough for me. Six more weeks. Must push through.

Third, My summer reading has dwindled a lot lately, sadly. Now I'm just picking up random books and not sticking to the list I had. But I have read six books so far this summer so that's a thing. My Gilmore Girls marathon has been doing great. I'm on Season 5, which means that I only have two very sad seasons left.

Fourth, some of my favorite movies that I watched as a kid and that I've tried to push onto my little brother's is quite a list. But I'll name six just for variety; The Princess Bride, America Pie and well I think that's about it. I didn't really live in a very sheltered environment.

Enjoy your new Macbook, Rachel, Happy Belated Birthday, Shelby I hope it was great! Also, I loved the cover that Hank made of  "Somebody I Used To Know'.

Til next time I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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