Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So much sport, so little writing.

Too much sport and too little downtime makes rachel go something something...

So you guys know that i play roller derby, its a pretty awesome sport and i love my open season team and my leagues travel team are doing so great. We have a big game coming up against a good league in a couple of weeks and since i have been away on holiday for so long i'm kind of worried ill be a bit out of it (if i make this games team that is). On top of that, i just made it onto a gridiron team! Which is American Football, but for some reason we call it gridiron lol I did one semester in Texas and i watched every UT game that i could and i fell in love! When i found out my home town has a gridiron team i ran to the tryouts and somehow made it onto the team... I thought i had been training hard for roller derby but after one session with the gridiron girls and i haven't been able to feel my thighs in 3 days... this is going to be rough lol So im hitting the gym more often now and im trying to get my strength up, but if anyone knows any tips for gridiron or anything like that (seeing as how you're all Americans) id be more than grateful.

I know that sports usually aren't associated with the nerdfighter type of person, but i kind of geek out when it comes to gridiron, and roller derby is similar in so many ways so i guess thats why i love it too.

Anyways lol basically im in pain but itll be worth it when im all geared up on the track with my amazing team actually playing the game :)

Now onto Shelby's question. I may or may not have already have thought about the end of the world, different ways it could happen, and different things i would do - I blame watching too many "the day after tomorrow" type movies lol So I have several answers to that question, all of which could be really weird and have me somehow refusing to give in to the fact that the world is ending lol

1: Zombie apocalypse - I already have a zombie plan. As the virus runs rampant i locate my best friend, who also happens to be a zombie expert, along with whichever members of my family i can find and my gf (being careful not to make the group too big). We get basic supplies, weapons, food, water, and head away from any major cities, once in the middle of Australia we find a safe house with several escape routes and hopefuly commandeer a plane as well. We live out the end of the world in safety and venture out only for supplies and to search for more survivors.

2: Natural Disaster - I think the only real way to survive another ice age, or a meteor hitting the earth, or some freak disaster would be to get an air plane, so it seems i need to have one of my family members learn how to fly. And then we all need to move closer to an airport just in case lol then we can just kill sometime in the air, and find somewhere to land which its all over... If there's nowhere to land or we end up crashing for some reason, at least we tried and we were together.

3: Biological warfare - This is almost like my zombie plan except with more gas masks and more secrecy. Maybe live in the subways or something? Start some kind of rebellion against who ever is conducting the war-games. Set the world free.

4: Aliens: Run run run and hide hide hide lol every since i watched signs one night while i was alone on my parents farm house i have freaked out at the thought of aliens lol i would more likely die from fright anyways so id make sure to say goodbyes early...

Anyway lol it seems every one of my end of world scenarios involves getting close to my family so i guess im alike Shelby in that way at least. Probably wouldn't go to the beach, its not that much of a novelty for me... maybe if i had to take a last trip it would be to the snow or canada or something. Somewhere beautiful and filled with nature :)

Hope that didnt let you guys too far into my sometimes very odd mind haha i guess thats why i write so much, to get the weird out :)

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  1. Glad my fiance and I aren't the only ones planning for a zombie invasion. I didn't mention that in my post since I was more focusing on a "no possibility of surviving" type of end of days (as seen in the film I mentioned). But, my fiance and I have thoroughly discussed our plans of survival in case of zombies. I've never really considered aliens before. That's a new one to think about, I think. I did watch a show on the Science Channel about the possibility of communication with alien lifeforms. If what was stated on that show can actually be perfected, we might be able to solve an alien invasion with less difficulty. Wow... that was seriously nerdy... wow. :P

    Great post, Rachel! Good luck with all of your sports endeavors! It all sounds awesome!