Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A big promise from a slightly more tanned blogger

Hey everyone!!!

Wow, i feel like this blog is becomming a book i cant put down!

I am no longer in an airport, but i am in a very dodgy internet cafe in the middle of Legian... i think ... And though it is wednesday here, i have no idea what day it is in America, so please forgive me if this is early, or late, or even actually on time - forcing you all to read this apology for no reason at all.

Firstly to Nicole: Thats heavy, and i honestly have no idea how that would feel or even how to express exactly what i want to say to. Thank you for sharing that with us, it made me feel so close to a person i in all seriousness hardly know. I will be thinking about you on Fathers Day, and know that i am taking you with me all throughout Bali in my heart!

To Linnea... I hope you have gotten some sleep haha, But i do think you need to be punished for missing your day lol just because im cruel like that :P

To craig: A huge happy belated birthday to your mum! And im inspired by your strength and support for Nicole! And to answer your question i was a good kid haha, but i think i snuck in to see Jurassic park when i was way too young... yeah, im a rebel, i know lol sorry, ill try have better stories next time!

And to shelby! I have 2 minutes left to write this so im sorry if i cut this short lol but a huge huge happy 21st to you!!!

And now onto my promise! I promise as of next wednesday that my blogs will be much more coherent and well thought out than the last two have been! Thanks for being a bit leniant with me while i've been on vacation everyone!

Speak to you next Wednesday from the comfort of my macbook :)

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