Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Derby and Bali and Jane Eyre... Oh my!

It is wednesday night here at home and I am almost finished packing for my vacation to a national roller derby tournament and then off to Bali.

I have been planning this trip for so long i cant believe its finally here.

Firstly, before you ask what roller derby is please just go and google it lol because i am the worst at explaining it, the best i can do is tell you that it is a sport played on roller skates that does not involve a ball. My league is called Gold Coast Roller Derby and we have been waiting for this tournament for a very long time. The only downside is that we have to fly to Adelaide, and even though it is already winter where i am, it is nowhere near as cold here as it will be in Adelaide... my nipples are going to fall off haha But i just know our all star team is going to do our league proud and i cant wait for the games to begin. You can even watch them too if you want, they will be broadcast live on

My next post will probably come to you from a computer at an airport as i will be just about to fly off to Bali, and its gloriously warm sun. I will write more about this next week when i am just beaming thinking about the amazing tan i will be about to get.

Jane Eyre is already packed, and will be read. I have also packed the fault in our stars (im with you there craig haha), Little Women, and a book I've been told i must read - the monk who sold his Ferrari. Needless to say, i plan to sit by the pool and read... Pure bliss!I also want to take Eat, Pray, Love with me to bali so i can Ketut Liyer to sign my copy - even though i hear he has gone a little too commercial these days. I also loved the book to movie adaption of Eat, Pray, Love, and loving adaptions is not something i do often.

So i was wondering, what book to movie adaption do you love most (excluding harry potter) :) and which do you hate the most?.

I think im going to add all of your book choices to my reading list :) thanks for the suggestions.

See you all next week from the airport :)

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