Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A quick note from another grey walled airports

So apparently once you get through customs they decide you no longer require the Internet... Didn't border patrol know I would need to write a blog once i got in here! Anyway, I am typing this from my iPhone and need to board my plane to Bali in about 20 minutes so this won't be a long post. We won our first game at the tournament but lost our second and didn't end up making it to the quarter finals. But it was still I great time and my passion for all things derby is now stronger than ever! I have Jane eyre packed in my bag and I'm hoping to finish it on the plane, I saw a copy of the game of thrones novel in the airport bookstore and was very tempted. Has anyone read it? Anyway, I am so ready to get away from this cold and Ito my holiday :) I'll post pics with my next blog :) I really am loving reading all of these posts :) Sorry this one wasn't more substantial! Talk soon.

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  1. Two things:

    1) I'm totally jealous of your ability to go to Bali. I wanna go there soooo bad!

    2) I highly recommend A Game of Thrones (and the rest of the series). George R. R. Martin is brilliant. But, don't get too attached to characters. He's notorious for killing them off whenever he wants.