Thursday, August 2, 2012


It's finally August!  The Back to School aisle's are popping up in stores every where, the smell of new pencils and fresh erasers is thick in the air and my excitement is through the flipping roof.This whole summer has felt like a ridiculously long session of drawing and quartering and I'm so happy that the pain is finally drawing to a close.
I've got my text books, my notebooks, my pens and almost everything else necessary for school to start, but everything else will be taken care of after payday this month. The only difficult thing about this next year is the fact that I have to see my ex and his new girlfriend. While I'm happy for them and stuff I really hope that they don't start flaunting their happiness in my face or whatever. But I think that as long as I keep myself distracted and focused on school work then everything will be just fine.
Sorry for that, I needed to rant about that, but I'm bound and determined for this year to go off without a hitch.

My end of the summer song, enjoy.
Happy August to you all, also happy belated Esther Earl day!



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