Thursday, August 30, 2012

Excuse my lameness

Happy almost end of the week everyone! I hope all of your week has gone well. I'm currently writing this from the front desk of my residence hall, because I got the job, and I kind of really like it. I mean, I get to work on homework, people watch and get paid. If that's not a score of a job for a college student than I don't know what is.

So far this week I've started my classes, and love them. Especially my MWF classes, not just because of what the cover: Oral Communication & Reporting for the Media, but because of how the professor's conduct the classes and how their teaching styles are already making themselves apparent and it's a very good thing.

Another good thing is that my personal life isn't too shabby, but I've jokingly told my friend's that my APA handbook, MLA handbook and another form of academia is going to be my boyfriend this year. I tried and failed at making that a reality last year because I actually found a real boyfriend, but I digress. Success is in the cards for this girl this year!

I think that that's about all for now guys. I hope everyone's week/end goes well. DFTBA, and may your endeavor's be fruitful!


P.S Maybe Linnea will grace us with her presence this week. I'll bug her til she does.


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