Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The story kept going...

So this week I decided to try writing a story according to Rachel's specifications in one of her posts. In the comments, we came up with the following story elements: A beach, fate and something hidden. 

In the end, I never got around to writing it over the weekend, so I wrote it today... And let's just say the story went in a direction that calls for more...well...more story. I wanted to put it into the body of this post, but I kind of feel it's too long to post on our little blog. So, I'm gonna give the link to a Google Doc with the beginning of the story (I haven't went any further than the two pages that I wrote today). 

While the story is pretty cliché, I still enjoyed writing it. Along with the main character, I wrote about her dog as well. Ever since my last writing class, I've found that I write animals quite well (I even got compliments from my professor and classmates about the Husky I wrote in one of my stories for class). 

So, here's the link to my story "Beach Discovery."

Well, hope you enjoy my story... and if you dislike it, that's fine too. Any helpful critique is welcome, and I am usually quite good at not being a diva when it comes to my writing. :P 

See you next Tuesday! 


P.S. Hopefully in a few weeks my fiance and I will be exploring a ghost town with my aunt and 6 year old cousin. In Nevada, we have a lot of ghost towns, and I love photographing them. If we do end up going, I'll be sure and write a blog post about the experience and post some photographs as well!

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