Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Politics vs. Friendships

Hey everyone! It's Tuesday again! This time around, my post is gonna be a bit more serious. 

Yesterday at the dinner table, my mother brought up something very troubling that we've been seeing on Facebook. We all know that Election Day is almost upon us and that we'll be deciding who will run this nation for the next four years. Facebook has become a battleground of political propaganda photos and ranting status updates about why the opposing side needs to fall off the face of the earth. To be honest, it's all ridiculous to me. But my mom brought up something a lot worse than these things. 

"What pisses me off is how people, who've been friends for years, are now attacking each other because they are voting for different people."

She's right. I've seen friends attack one another because one supports Obama while the other supports Romney. But if you look back a few months before, they were friendly with one another.

The biggest issue here is: nothing changed in anyone simply because they are openly supporting a candidate. They are still good people who work hard, treated others with decency and respect, and enjoy the same things. They are still great students, parents, bosses, artists and workers. But now, these people belittle one another for their political opinions and think it's okay. It isn't. In any other situation, you'd be decent to one another. Political opinion should not change that. 

We live in the United States of America. We have the freedom to choose. We have the right to think freely and not feel persecuted for it. 

When this election is over, I suspect that many people will find they've lost friends over their political spam. Either they argued their way into losing friends, or they've annoyed those who are indifferent to politics, resulting in a loss. I feel bad for those who've put politics over friendship in such a way. 

I hope we can all continue on toward Election Day with a mindfulness of how to treat those with differing opinions. Show respect. Don't get angry. Remember that their opinions didn't change them. And for crying out loud, fact check!!!

Until next time, 
Shelby W.

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