Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nerdfighter Quote App and NaNoWriMo

Hey everyone! It's Tuesday again! I'm beginning to feel very lonely writing for this blog by myself. But, I wanna keep doing it regardless.

First of all, I'd like to let everyone know that there will be a third-party presidential debate tonight moderated by Larry King! This is going to be awesome. And if you're still unsure who to vote for, perhaps you will be inspired to cast a "protest vote." :P For more information about the debate, go here. Also, if you'd like to understand why some people prefer to vote for a third-party, check out this Youtube video. I think it's really important to consider every option, especially when our current mainstream media only focuses on Democrats and Republicans. As a nation, we should be exposed to every possible candidate, not just those with the most money.

Now, going away from the evil land of politics, I'd like to promote an awesome project I am a part of with a whole bunch of other nerdfighters. We're creating a quote app featuring quotes from both John and Hank Green. But compiling that many quotes is a momentous task, so we need lots of help!! Also, if you know a foreign language and feel you could translate the quotes accurately, that would also be of great help! If you'd like to join our project, join our facebook group!

Now on to this big thing that has got me worrying... NaNoWriMo!!! (National Novel Writing Month)

I signed up for it for the first time. *sigh* Last year, I considered it, but I was busy writing short stories for school and critiquing all of my classmates' stories that I felt I was too busy to do it. But this year, I am totally free to write. But, with my frustrating lack of inspiration and my obsession with so many other things, I'm wondering if I'll be able to create a story worth telling (or even if I could get words out at all). I guess I should quit over-thinking it and just outline as much as I can. Either way, the story I plan on writing is something that I'm really excited about... So hopefully it'll turn out all right.

Well, that's it for today. I hope to hear from my fellow bloggers soon. ;)
Don't forget to vote in this election! Join the quote app group! And...


  1. Shelby, you are the most dedicated and amazing blogger and Nerdfighter in existence. I'm sorry I poofed. I'll be back on Friday. :)

    1. I've neglected a bit lately! So glad to see you're back!! I plan on writing tomorrow about my NaNo failure. :(

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