Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Slipped My Mind

Hey everyone... Yes, today is not Tuesday, but I forgot to write my post yesterday. I've been sick since Saturday, so lots of things have slipped my mind. So, I'm writing to you on Wednesday morning while I listen to WhoHype (an amazing Doctor Who podcast!) and looking up other presidential candidates besides Obama or Romney. Research and Doctor Who... Awesome.

While I've been sick, I've simply been watching loads of TV and making jewelry. I've been going through the first season of American Horror Story. Good lord, this show... All the shows I've obsessed over have finally come back on, bringing on my love/hate relationship with Fall. I can't spend all of my life huddled on the couch or under the covers watching TV. Gosh.

I don't really have a lot to say besides: if you're a Doctor Who fan, listen to WhoHype! If you like disturbing, sexy horror, watch American Horror Story! Research who you wanna vote for if you haven't decided yet!

DFTBA everyone!
Shelby W.

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