Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hey guys, my name is Rachel, I am 24, I live in Australia, and I am your blogger for Wednesday or 'hump day' as I like to call it.

I am so excited about this project and about the fact that I get to be the person to wish you into the best part of the working week - the end of it. I've always loved writing but I find it really hard to stick to a project when I don't have a deadline (which is probably why my own blog gets very neglected). Not only will this project help me to produce my own creative content on a regular basis, but it has already enabled me to meet a bunch of other writers who I simply cannot wait to get to know better!

Much like the rest of you, I am an aspiring author. I take after my mother in that respect, she is my biggest inspiration. Ever since I challenged her to Nanowrimo one year and she beat me and then published her finished novel, the passion inside me to become a published author become almost unbearable. And yet, here I am, several unfinished novels later and I'm still unpublished lol hopefully one day, until then I am going to practice learning patience.

I am also a freelance journalist, this keeps my parents happy because it means I am putting my degree to use, and it keeps me writing because of its ever constant deadlines. Secretly I both love and hate it. Most of my assignments give me just enough creative freedom to keep me happy, but there's always that editor in the back of your head forcing you to stay between the lines.

Writing aside, I guess I hope to mainly use this project as a place to get to know four awesome nerdfighters... I have loved reading your posts and cant wait for Thursday and Friday. I am just so honoured to be a part of this project and I really cannot wait to get right into it!

Looking forward to writing with you!

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